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The level 4 Certificate is a very popular CIM qualification for those aspiring marketers keen to gain a recognised qualification in marketing and to gain knowledge and skills to succeed and progress with a career in marketing.

It’s an ideal choice if you are operating in a support role within a marketing context in the workplace!

Course Overview

Course Content

To gain the Certificate in Professional Marketing you’ll need to achieve a pass in 3 mandatory modules

Applied Marketing

This module explores the role of marketing in the organisation and the key concepts that underpin the activities of the marketer.

You will learn about the marketing environment, customer behaviour in the digital age, market research and the marketing planning process.

This will include the marketing mix and a tactical planning framework to aid marketing effectiveness.

Planning Campaigns

This module gives you the knowledge and skills to plan and implement successful campaigns that deliver real results for an organisation.

You will learn the campaign planning process including how to analyse an organisation’s current position.

You will also learn how to set campaign objectives, implement a campaign then measure and evaluate its success to aid continuous improvement in the fast-changing world of marketing.

Customer Insights

This module gives you an understanding of the contemporary customer’s complex needs and wants, their behaviour as consumer and how this sets their expectations.

You will learn how to gain the insight required to undertand those needs and map the journey to ultimately improve their experience.


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CIM Accredited Degree Exemptions


Ulster University:

  • BSc Marketing
  • BSc Marketing Main and Minor

Queens University Belfast:

  • MSc Marketing
If you are a graduate of a CIM Accredited degree, you may be eligible for exemptions of the two mandatory modules – meaning you only need to complete one of the optional modules to gain the full Certificate qualification.

Tuition Fees

Below you’ll find the tuition fees to complete the Certificate qualification (three modules) or a Certificate Award (one module). 

Certificate L4

Sign up today | Complete 3 modules
£ 1395
  • 18 blocks of virtual classes
  • 12 block of virtual assessment briefings
  • Access to our online learning platform
  • 4 hours of 1-2-1 tutorial support
  • Extensive learning materials including Module Study and Assessment Guides
Save £105

All payments methods are acceptable.


CIM Award L4

Not ready for the whole Certificate | Complete 1 module
£ 500
  • 6 blocks of live virtual classes
  • 4 blocks of virtual assessment briefings
  • Access to our online learning platform
  • 2 hours of 1-2-1 tutorial supprt
  • Extensive learning materials including Module Study And Assessment Guide

Tuition fees can be paid in 3, 6 or 9 instalments (subject to application)

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The Finer Details


Assuming you take one module after the other, sequentially, you can complete the Certificate within nine months!

The course timetable is spread out over a three month period. We aim to help you be ready to submit your assignment to CIM at the end of the three month block.

But if you’re not quite ready, you can choose to submit it at a later point in the year (but this might incur additional fees depending on circumstances)

CIM Fees

There are 3 cost elements* to studying a CIM marketing qualification:

  • Tuition fees (see table below) payable directly to NWSM

  • You’ll then need to become a CIM Studying Member, for which the annual fee is £65.

  • Finally, you’ll need to book your assessments through MyCIM when studying. The total assessment fee for this qualification is £450 (or £495 if choosing an online proctored examination).

    *Figures based on successful completion at first attempt. Additional fees will be required if resits are taken.

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