As a student on the CIM Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing (revised syllabus), you will examine relevant, contemporary marketing content that will help you progress as a marketing professional.

Course Outline

The aim of this course is to provide the practising marketer with relevant, contemporary marketing content to equip you with the knowledge, skills and understanding to support decision making within a digital context at an operational level and carry out an essential and successful professional marketing role within the workplace.

This video explains why the Professional Marketing Qualifications offered by the Chartered Institute of marketing are so valuable to modern marketers!

Course Structure

To achieve the Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing, you are required to complete three modules: Applied Marketing, Digital Marketing Techniques and Planning Campaigns.

Module Content

Applied Marketing (mandatory)

This module explores the role of marketing in the organisation and the key concepts that underpin the activities of the marketer. You will learn about the marketing environment, customer behaviour in the digital age, market research and the marketing planning process. This will include the marketing mix and a tactical planning framework to aid marketing effectiveness.

Planning Campaigns (mandatory)

This module gives you the knowledge and skills to plan and implement successful campaigns that deliver real results for an organisation. You will learn the campaign planning process including how to analyse an organisation’s current position. You will also learn how to set campaign objectives, implement a campaign then measure and evaluate its success to aid continuous improvement in the fast-changing world of marketing.

Digital Marketing (elective)

This module focuses on the importance of the ever-evolving, dynamic digital landscape. You will develop skills to improve digital marketing performance and explore the challenges and opportunities within the digital environment. You will also use a range of tools to plan how to enhance an organisation’s effectiveness in the digital age.

Who is it for?

The Certificate in Professional Marketing is ideally suited for the aspiring professional marketer who wishes to gain knowledge and skills to succeed and progress with a career in marketing.

Some typical job titles of those who study the CIM level 4 qualifications include: marketing executive, marketing officer, marketing communications executive and communications specialist.

Entry Requirements

One or more of the following is required to gain entry onto this qualification:

* Please get in touch via the Contact Form for information on how to assess the level of your current marketing knowledge.


A mixture of exam and assignments based on a given theme and organisation of your choice are used within the Certificate of Professional Digital Marketing and depend on the module you are taking.

The Applied Marketing module is assessed through a multiple choice exam and the Digital Marketing Techniques and Planning Campaigns modules are assessed through applied assignments.

Assessment methods used within the qualification are employer-driven, practitioner-based, relevant and appropriate for business needs

There are three assessment sessions per year taking place in December, April/May and June/July.

How long will it take to complete the course?

Assuming you take one module after the other, sequentially, you can complete the Certificate in Professional Marketing within one year!

The Total Qualification Time (TQT) per module is 170 hours. This includes guided learning hours, practical and work-based learning, assessment preparation time, assessment time and supported self-study time.

How much does it cost?

There are two sets of fees associated with the completion of a CIM qualification:

NW School of Marketing Tuition Fees

Tuition fees include: face-to-face tuition; access a range of online resources; access to 1-2-1 tutorial support; access to webinars, online learning materials and revision sessions.

Please contact us at to find out more about our tuition fees and delivery methods for the CIM Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing.

Chartered Institute of Marketing Fees

In addition to your NW School of Marketing tuition fees, you will be required to pay CIM registration and assessment fees:

CIM Membership*
£65 (per year)
CIM Assessment

£150 (per module)

*Please note – if you are a UK based and intend to pay the CIM membership fees yourself, the cost is tax deductible. See Tax relief for professional fees and subscriptions on the HMRC website.

We encourage all students to become a CIM member as soon as possible after enrolment so that they have access to all the member benefits and resources.

Ready to Get Started?

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