Successful completion of the CIM Diploma in Sustainable Marketing will establish the knowledge, skills and understanding to be able to perform at a management level and to carry out an essential and successful professional marketing role within the workplace.

Course Outline

The Diploma in Sustainable Marketing enables learners to explore key aspects of sustainability and identify those which could create long-term value for your organisation and its customers, alongside meeting the requirements for the sustainability of the planet.

Course Structure

The Diploma in Sustainable Marketing comprises of three modules – Marketing and Digital Strategy, Innovation in Marketing and Sustainability.

Module Content

Sustainability (mandatory)

This module is designed to enable you to explore concepts of sustainability and better understand how to embed these to create long-term value for your organisation. You will consider the role of marketing in engaging with stakeholders to understand how to reframe core strategies and construct a brand purpose that aligns with relevant sustainability imperatives. The module will equip you to plan, resource and execute against key actions and communicate how, and why your organisation is responding to the evolving sustainability agenda, delivering continuous improvement and results.

Marketing and Digital Strategy (mandatory)

This module develops knowledge and skills to enable a strategic approach to marketing planning, applying both traditional and digital methods, frameworks and techniques to achieve a competitive advantage which considers people, planet and profit. The module covers three units: the first develops skills in analysing the environment and identifying insights for strategic decisions; the second cover the development of effective strategic marketing plans, which includes digital strategy, to deliver objectives and the third develops resource, monitoring and measurement skills to implement and control the stategic marketing plan.

Innovation in Marketing (mandatory)

This module develops knowledge and skills to both understand digital innovation approaches and embed innovation throughout the marketing function. There are three units, the first develops knowledge and understanding about factors influencing innovation and disruption; the second develops skills in evaluating options and building sustainable business cases for marketing innovation; and the third develops planning skills for implementing sustainable innovative marketing and communications to support the launch of marketing innovations with people, planet and profit at the core.

Who is it for?

The Diploma in Sustainable Marketing is aimed at marketers working in an operational, supervisory or management role who wishes to develop their knowledge and skills around how marketing can lead and support the business in responding to the sustainability challenges we face.

It is suitable for those working in a managerial or operational role within an organisation concerned with leading the way the business responds to sustainability challenges and are keen to drive and effect real change. The organisation may be looking to develop, or are already implementing a sustainable response through or using the marketing function as a critical driver.

Some typical job titles might include marketing manager, marketing and communications manager, brand manager, marketing consultant. Heads of sustainability and other more specific sustainability related roles could also attend the course.

Entry Requirements


Tuition fees includes face-to-face tuition plus access to a range of support mechanisms offered by the school including webinars, online resources, revision sessions and one-to-one sessions with tutors.

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Chartered Institute of Marketing Fees

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CIM Membership*
£60 (per year)
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